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A lot of people are making a fortune from Tech and a lot more would do in the next decades. The demand for tech skills is ever increasing. Technology is the future. Do you know that feeling when something that is supposed to improve your life doesn’t work as intended? Frustrating right? 

You probably have asked “ why does it seem so difficult to have a good tech job? “What am I doing or not doing? Now, the truth is , that tech jobs are viable doesn’t mean they are for everyone. Sad reality. Yeah. If you are looking at starting a career in tech or probably looking at transitioning into Tech, we have observed the following to guide people to the top, and hope that it would guide you too.

What are you passionate about?

I know money is good and desirable but if you’re forcing yourself into technology just so that you get fat cheques… rethink 😊
Your decision to join Tech should be one fueled by passion to solve tech related problems, impact lives and off course make a living. Look at yourself, be truthful, what are you passionate about and what do you have access to? Make a list of all the industries, areas, hobbies and strengths.
Use your strength as an experience to set your foot at the door.

Spell out your skills and passion as they’ll help you choose a path best suited for your personality.

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Acquire the necessary skills

Someone said “hard skills can always be acquired no matter where you are or coming from “
The above statement is true to a large extent. Now that you have chosen a path to pursue in Tech, you need to learn all the skills required for that role.
There are thousands of educational materials available to learn any skills of your choice and even more better that they can be accessed from the comfort of your home.
The best way to learn is by writing those codes not by reading them . Practice every step of the way.

Hurray!!! You have acquired those skills now… but I’ll break your heart.🙈
There’s never a time when you’d be 100% ripe for the market. In Technology, we learn, relearn and learn again. Once you’re confident with the lessons you have taken, get an entry level job, an internship or better still a freelancing gig. This is to build more confidence, expand your experience and get you handy with real life projects.

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Network (Socialize)

The importance of networking can never be overemphasized. You need to know someone who knows another person that is connected to that special person. Join a community of Techies, contribute to open source, volunteer, follow people on social media, get a mentor and repeat the cycle.

The right connection changes everything!

Attend events in your field. A coding event or boot camp offers structure, support and a clear path from zero to hero. Boot camp is an avenue to level up your skills, upscale them and possibly land a job placement.

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Build a Project

Get yourself busy with real life projects in your field. You can do this with a partner or two or basically by yourself. Your project should target a particular niche and be able to solve a problem in that niche. There’s a general belief that building a career in tech requires practical experience. Writing codes is great but can be traumatizing to some people. The idea of coding has discouraged a lot of people from joining Tech. Here is a new truth you should believe, not all tech careers require coding.

So if you’ve been running… it’s time to return.

Starting a career in tech and needs a saviour (or do I say a guide) to guide you through it all?

Get through to TechAssembly.co and begin your journey into tech.

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