Behind the Scenes of Money Evolution: The Inception

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How can the global financial system bring about sustainable abundance?
Over the last 10,000 years, money has transformed from cattle and shells to today’s electronic currency.
In this series: Behind The Scene of Money Evolution, we will chronicle the transformation of money.
We are social by naturethe and need others to survive. Money was introduced to help us with payment, wealth storage, and other reasons.
There is a popular saying, “follow the money“, which implies that  corruption can be exposed by examining money transfers.
Financial auditors audit financial accounts to ensure compliance.
Symbiosis is the way we naturally survive.
Communities where food is reproduced much more than its depleted will barely have shortage of food.
For us, one critical interaction is trade.

At inception we traded by barter
We simply exchanged what we have with other members of our community.
At inception farmers exchanged their cassava for meat from hunters.

Our needs are vasts.
In barter, it’s only when requests for buying and selling goods of different persons coincided that the exchange of goods was possible.

Options for storing and transferring wealth for children were less.
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