Sweet Little Lies:: Adopting Technology For your Business

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See ehn… The fear of loss is the beginning of sense!

Adopting technology has its challenge. Entering into a new relationship. Moving to a new location. Landing a new job. Going into a meeting with new people that you have to convince to like you. There are always ways to increase the chances of successful technology adoption. You can do something to increase chances, to lay the groundwork.

It can be incredibly helpful to understand how other institutions have made things work. Technology has allowed brands to scale their production without using extra resources. Technology is a very cost-efficient way of mass-producing your online advertising. With all these juicy perks you should enjoy the result of adopting technology. However, it becomes cumbersome researching and keeping track records of the human resource you need for a successful digital transformation. Getting the right spectrum of skills needed for a successful digital transformation is important. The architecture of the solution chiefly determines the resources needed.

Every step of the way you can reduce the risk of failing. Until ultimately it becomes a habit to win with proven methodologies. We have made mistakes while implementing digital transformation for a client. And experience has taught us that investing in people and communication is always worth it. Shortcuts too often burn the fingers. If you are on a tight budget there a ways around it. But reality check is recommended.

Let’s look at few things to consider when developing an app.


Cutting cost is sweet.

You may have come across stories of freelancers or companies that claim to be able to build the next Instagram, TikTok, Facebook, or complex enterprise app for around $2,000. In many cases, these freelancers in good faith think they can go full-stack one-man two-man squad on your project. A few weeks or months into the project wicked realities begin to surface. In many cases, the project owner will have to restart.

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Society has gotten used to pirated digital tools and often expects to adopt technology for free. Most of these freebies end up creating a big pain or loss. In essence, do not try to minimize cost simply because it is a digital tool. Proper research to evaluate the problem and circumstances around our adoption is vital for a healthy digital transformation. The duration and investment required are dependent on the scope and complexity of the solution. For some institutions, a backend engineer earns around $5,000 a month and it can be more or less depending on the complexity of the problem. Do you still want to use $2,000 to build an app that generates huge value for you. Will you use a $2,000 vehicle to carry a high-value individual who needs to be secure and available?

$2,000 can get you some other cost-effective technology adoption services though.

2 Months App

Dreaming is sweet.

Technology adoption is rapidly increasing. Unexpected events need a rapid response. Flexibility helps survival. We want to save time right? You want a solution fast before things escalate. Mr. Tom from Lets Enjoy Life Inc promises you he can deliver an app in 2 months and you are happy. There are few features that can be delivered within two months. Irrespective of the duration we have to build a solution that is maintainable. Imagine your banking app crash almost every time the bank have to update it. Apart from your loss, imagine the loss of the bank. A formula: charges x number of transactions (for the duration of downtime). Some banks will lose more than $2,000 a second.

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Maintanibility is important. Flexibility is imortant. It is not a pleasant experience to be entangled in a system that is hard to change. Should a second disaster come what happens? What magnitude of the loss can you tolerate? Let’s get back to the key question, “we want to save time right?” Quality input produces a quality product. Quality digital transformation strategy requires evaluation. Testing the application before deployment is a quality assurance step. These things require time. TechAssembly can connect you to the community your project needs.

2 Man App

Less drama is sweet.

In software architecture, there may be many layers between the hardware and end user. The most common layers are backend and frontend which requires different skills. Modern agile development methodology requires a team structure that delivers good value, and in many cases a two man squad is a colossal failure. An individual with frontend and backend skill is called a fullstack engineer.


A single fullstack engineer and a project manager is often a recipe for disaster. Of course, projects with less complexity do not require much manpower. However, the avearge software project fail with a two-man setup. The design team chiefly responsible for communication are seperate from the engineering/implimentation team. The scope of the project will determine the manpower requirement.

Recently a project owner had spent up to N3 million on a poorly planned project. Towards the launch of the app hard realities set in and the app was a colossal failure. Time and money gone! We evaluated the situations and realised the problem was in the team setup. We restructured the project team and progress was recorded faster. It’s highly recommended that you get this right.


If you are on a tight budget, there are cost-effective ways to execute your project in phases. It’s too often a bitter experience to wake up from sleep and decide to build an app without proper planning and consultation. While we encourage speedy execution we also encourage patient planning. If you have an existing team or not feel free to contact us for guidiance.

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