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Our natural primary objective as humans is to survive. And to do so we rely on others; we socialize. Symbiotic relationship is how ecosystems thrive.
The internet was invented to enable us communicate. These days we look for opportunities and solutions to our problems via the internet.
My dad once told a story of the rigours involved in the manual process of banking and inventory
management. You had to endure long distance to the bank, long queues, and sometimes you have to
come back very early the next morning to complete your transaction. Before the advent of internet banking, imagine the painful process, time and energy used because they wanted to use money
Today, it’s a different story, and you will agree with me that people work from the comfort of their bed,
earn money and carry out bank transactions conveniently – even though there is still room for
In Africa, the adoption of technology on daily activities is rapidly increasing, and people are asking for
guidance on how to use the internet to win(survive).
In this post we focus on the basic functions of the internet. Solving problems with the internet requires
specialized skills. In Nigeria, we don’t manufacture computers that allows us compete on a global scale.
However, it is easier for us to develop software talents that can serve the global market, thereby boosting our economy.

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Basic Problems The Internet Solves

If you live in Lagos and have a family member, Mary, in Ibadan who relies on your recommendation to
treat a certain disease, and she doesn’t know where to go or what to do, you two could speak over the
phone. Imagine the letter writing days, after posting the letter containing the recommended solution, it
might take two days to get the letter and another two days to get the solution to the disease, that’s if
Mary has the strength to persist in search for the medications.
But with technology, it’s not just about making request. She needs that help even without your
knowledge. What if there’s a cheaper way of having a device on her body that sends vital signs to medical
experts that makes it easy for her to get the solution?
The internet is supposed to help us solve our problems. In Nigeria, we have many problems we can solve
using the internet.
Let’s consider the benefits of applying the internet in our place of work and personal lives regardless of
our geographical location. We should look at the real infrastructural problems that can be tackled using
the internet in your offices with team members, at home with family and friends, to mention a few.
A quick look at transportation in Lagos state, we understand how impossible it almost seems to attend
meetings. Due to traffic congestion we find it difficult to attend five meetings during working hours and
meet up with all.
The COVID-19 pandemic global lockdown has exposed us to the possibility of attending ten meetings per
day by teleconference with ZOOM app.
However, ZOOM is expensive for some people, WhatsApp is preferred by some based on the peculiar
challenges. There have been increase in WhatsApp trainings and events.

So, what do we do? How do we fix all these?

In medicine we know that hospitals can share patient information but we need certain policies and
skillsets that makes sharing these records scalable and cost effective across hospitals for a single patient
so that people are given the best treatment based on medical history and signs. A lot of death will be
People who can design, architecture solutions, write computer codes and develop digital contents can
move Africa forward by building solutions that utilize the available internet infrastructure. We need more

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